Community-First Approach

Queens is clearly on the rise. The story of this location site can’t be told without the diverse and dynamic voices of our neighbors. These neighborhoods are as vibrant as the city has seen in generations. Future forward and authentically part of the city we call home.

We’re partnering with the local community to design a project that’s responsive to the needs of our surrounding neighborhoods.


Community Workshops


Years of community engagement


Signed Petitions


Local residents attended


1-on-1 meetings with community leaders

Our Commitment to Queens

At Hard Rock, we are incredibly passionate about the power of collaboration and supporting our community. We believe that by partnering with local providers, we empower them to amplify their impact. Together, we will create a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and growth that will leave a lasting impact on our community and beyond.

Social Responsibility & Philanthropy

We work to improve lives, help communities and sustain the Earth, infusing the power of music into all we do. Ever since Hard Rock's founding, we have planted roots and thrived wherever we operate. Trust from the communities we serve is based on the substance of our actions, which we must grow and sustain every day.



Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We aspire to be the Employer of Choice, attracting diverse talents who bring unique perspectives to our team.

Our goal is to cultivate a Culture of Inclusion where team members feel safe and supported, and where differences are not only celebrated but also leveraged to achieve our mission.

We are committed to being known and respected for our Equitable and Socially Responsible practices.

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