January 9, 2020

Jacksons Help Celebrate Groundbreaking of Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana

GARY, Ind. — Some of the city's most celebrated siblings gathered with other key individuals and guests at Thursday's groundbreaking of Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana.

Jackie, Tito and Marlon Jackson picked up signature guitar shovels and dug into the dirt to celebrate the monumental happening that took place under a tent just off Interstate 80/94 on Burr Street in Gary.

"This is definitely a historic event," Marlon Jackson said. "I'm back here, and I'm realizing (yes) I was born in Gary ... and Gary deserves special things," he said.

"I want to thank Spectacle Entertainment and Hard Rock," he said. "We're looking forward to doing more work with you guys."

The Jacksons said they were approached by Hard Rock personnel to partner with them on special projects associated with bringing Hard Rock Casino to the Region. 

"When the Hard Rock reached out, we thought, how could we not?" Marlon said.

In addition to working on various projects with the casino and having some of the Jackson memorabilia on display on the premises, it's not out of question that they would perform there sometime as well, Jackie said.

"The changes it'll bring to Gary and its economy" (are important)," Jackie said.

He added the casino also likely will draw people from a variety of areas.

"It'll bring people from the entire state of Indiana," Jackie said.

"Gary is the place where we grew up, and to participate in this event is a gift," Tito said. 

Tito said the brothers partnered with the Hard Rock on Wednesday to give away 200 bikes at the Boys and Girls Club in Gary.

Being involved with the Hard Rock is a good fit for the brothers from both the entertainment angle and the brand's attention to philanthropy, they said.

"This is a good marriage," Tito said. "Working with the Hard Rock is right up our alley."