Queen of Hearts

  • Every Saturday | Drawings at 4, 6, 8 & 10PM


4 PM – 6 PM – 8 PM – 10 PM  

Entries must be submitted from Sunday at 10 AM to Saturday by 10 PM during Players Club hours Must be present to win. 


Star - 1 Entry 

Legend - 2 Entries (Winning bonus of $1,000)

Icon - 3 Entries (Winning bonus of $5,000)

X - 4 Entries (Winning bonus of $10,000)


If Unity member is present and draws:

No queen or jokers: $250 Free Play

Off Suit Queen: $500 Free Play

Joker: $1,250 Free Play

Queen of Hearts: Wins Jackpot – Cash.  


Depending on the guest's level of Unity membership, there will be an additional cash bonus for whoever reveals the Queen of Hearts:

X-Card: $10,000

Icon: $5,000

Legend: $1,000


If guest is not present or the Queen of Hearts is not revealed, the jackpot increases by $1,000 for the next drawing. Once the Queen of Hearts is found, the jackpot will start over, starting at $10,000.

Queen of Hearts Board as of Monday, April 22, 2024:

Long Live The Queen