Seldom Told

  • Saturday, May 18 | 9:00PM
    Hard Rock Cafe

Seldom Told is a hard rock band from Northwest Indiana. Featuring the powerful vocals of Mira Faris, shredding lead guitar from Austin Faris, melodic thunder from bassist Derek Kalicky, and heavy riffs from rhythm guitarist Chase Hayes.

This group captivates audiences with their musical talent and stage performance. From high energy rock, to anthemic ballads, this band has something to offer for everyone.

In 2014, Seldom Told released their debut album "Nightmare" which landed them a touring spot with bands Saving Abel and Like A Storm. Along with those national acts, Seldom Told has also shared concert bills with Hinder, No Resolve, Pop Evil, Them Evils, Blacktop Mojo, Adrenaline Mob, Buckcherry, and Silvertung. 2018 saw the release of the bands most recent album "ST II." Featuring their single "I Want You," it leaves you wanting more.