August 9, 2022

Bristol Casino: Future Home of Hard Rock Marks First Month in Business

BRISTOL, Va. (WCYB) — It's officially been one month since the Bristol Casino: Future Home of Hard Rock opened its doors.

"I am in Heaven, it's just been amazing, just the results we are seeing, the team members have been having a great time and the community feedback has been great. I couldn't have asked for more."

Allie Evangelista, President of the Bristol Casino: Future Home of Hard Rock, told News 5 she feels like she has hit the jackpot.

She said while this facility is only temporary, guests are pleased with the games and amenities it offers.

"I like it," said Neil Chester, visiting from North Carolina. "It's still obviously under development, so I'm sure there will be much more to come, but it's completely adequate."

The casino is also keeping tabs on where people are visiting from. 

"Most of our guests are coming between I would say, within three hours -- weekends have more people coming in town for weekends, staying over. We've heard from the hotels in the area that they have seen an increase in occupancy."

That includes Chester, traveling to the Bristol Casino from the Raleigh area.

"I wanted to get away from work, take a short vacation -- I heard about it on the news and a couple other online things I follow, and I figured it's four hours instead of 4.5 hours to get to Harrah's, so lets go do that for a couple days."

The casino isn't the only place that is seeing an increase in customers.

Lucky Lady Gold and Jewelry Exchange, opened up shop across from the casino, saying it's a prime location.

"It has had the desired effect, we have more foot traffic, more people coming in, spending their winnings and more people recouping their losses by selling their jewelry."

Evangelista adds the past few weeks have been paying off for the casino and its visitors.

"We paid over $6 million in jackpots, and over 2,000 people received hand pays while visiting us and the slots."

The Bristol Casino: Future Home of Hard Rock is also still working to hire more team members.