August 16, 2022

Construction on Track for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Bristol

BRISTOL, Va. (WCYB) — Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Bristol is expected to have world-class dining, entertainment options, concert venues, gaming and more.

As construction continues on the destination resort, some are wondering if the project is still on time.

Allie Evangelista, President of the Bristol Casino: Future Home of Hard Rock told News 5 plans are still on track.

"It's going great, I had an opportunity to tour the facility where the permanent site is going to be developed."

Construction on track for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Bristol (WCYB/Ashley Hoak)

While it may seem quiet on the outside, Evangelista says crews have been busy inside the Future Home of Hard Rock.

"A lot of the work has been done inside to prepare the site. We are going to be located at the old Sears store, so all of that store no longer looks like a mall."

She says the past few weeks have been used to demo and gut the old Bristol Mall facility.

"All of the demo is primarily done so we are doing some other things that are not as exciting to see -- but on track and excited to be able to go and look at things as we get closer to 2024."

But she isn't the only one looking forward to the next few years.

"We are just glad to be here and glad to be able to capitalize on the fact there's a casino across the street."

Scott Trotter is a manager at Lucky Lady Gold and Jewelry Exchange. With the shop located just across the casino on Gate City Highway, he says they've already seen an increase in foot traffic.

With that boost in just a month, he says he's hoping the store hits the jackpot when Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Bristol opens.

"It will be interesting to see once they get an 800 room hotel. Fortunately, by the plans, one of the towers, the first tower going up with the hotel, will be facing directly at us. We had nothing to do with that. That's just luck, it's fate."