Fiel a La Vega

  • Thursday, August 29 | 8:00PM
    Hard Rock Event Center
Fiel a La Vega has captivated audiences for over three decades with their potent blend of rock, folk, and Latin rhythms. Led by charismatic vocalist and guitarist Tito Auger, the band combines catchy melodies, poetic lyrics, and tight musicianship to create a powerful sonic experience that resonates with themes of social justice and cultural preservation.
Their discography reflects their musical evolution and commitment to social commentary, starting with their energetic 1996 self-titled debut, moving through the dynamic "El Concierto Sinfónico" in 2001, to the introspective "Equilibrio" in 2010. After a 14-year hiatus, their latest album "Prima•Vera" marks a period of renewal, blending signature rock elements with innovative musical ideas, and highlighting their continued growth and unwavering dedication to artistic integrity.
Renowned for their energetic live performances, Fiel a La Vega has performed in prestigious venues and festivals worldwide, earning numerous awards, including multiple Puerto Rico Music Awards and Latin Grammy nominations. Their impactful music and dynamic stage presence have solidified their status as pioneers in the Latin rock genre and as a powerful voice in Puerto Rican and Latin American music history.
Fiel a La Vega continues to inspire and connect with fans globally, leaving a lasting impact with their impassioned lyrics and electrifying performances.