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August 22, 2019

Fun Facts That Make Sacramento Unique

In Northern California where the American River and Sacramento River cross, you’ll find the agriculturally-rich and historically-vibrant city of Sacramento. A town known by many names, including City of Trees, The Camellia Capital, the Big Tomato, The River City, Sac, or Sactown, Sacramento is an eclectic city filled with countless things to do, a welcoming population, and some of the best weather in the country. 

Planning a trip to Sacramento? Learn more about some fun facts about the city and things to do while you’re here.

Fun Facts That Make Sacramento Unique

Sacramento Dining

Fun Fact: Sacramento is known as America’s “Farm-to-Fork” Capital because the area ships produce all over the nation and has 40 local farmers markets stocked full of local finds. 

Sacramento is known for a lot of things, including their delicious food and local produce. Because it’s such an agricultural mecca, you can often find menu items that come right from the area and enjoy the freshest vegetables, meats, fruits, and desserts. Here are some great restaurants to try in the area:

  • The Kitchen: In 1991, Nelson and Tamera Baker created The Kitchen to help support local farmers and they are dedicated to using fresh ingredients and creating one-of-a-kind meals. The Kitchen has been a landmark in Sacramento and regularly fills up, so make your reservation early.
  • Temple Coffee Roasters: Owner Sean Kohmescher created this location after being inspired by a trip he took to Indonesia. His coffee shop focuses on quality ingredients and has a “Farm to Cup” process. Guests can enjoy a coffee pairing menu and nitrogen-infused coffees and teas, among other things. At Temple, you can feel the passion in every sip. 
  • Oak Park Brewing Company: This gastropub offers Britsh and Belgian-style beers and has a menu filled with items sourced from the local Oak Park Farmer’s Market. Plus, it has an outdoor patio and is dog-friendly.  Whatever your dining or drinking desires consist of, you’re sure to find it at the Oak Park Brewing Company.
Fun Facts That Make Sacramento Unique

Sacramento Sports (and the Fans That Support Them)

Fun Fact: Fans of the Sacramento Kings say that they “bleed purple” and won a Guinness World Record in 2013 for being the loudest crowd. Sactown takes its sports seriously. 

Even if you’ve never stepped foot in Sacramento, you’ve likely heard about the city’s sports teams. In addition to the Sacramento Kings, the city’s NBA team, they also have minor league sports, including baseball and soccer.  Here’s a little more information about Sac sports:

  • Sacramento Kings: The Sacramento Kings is Sactown’s NBA and was founded in 1923. Loyal fans are proud to “bleed purple” and although the Kings don’t have a championship win yet, fans still show their love at home games. 
  • River Cats: Sacramento’s Minor League Baseball team, the River Cats, are celebrating their 20th season this year. They hold two Triple-A Championships, four Pacific Coast League Championships, and 11 PCL South Division Championships. Catch a game at Raley Field next time you’re in town. 
  • Republic FC: Soccer fans, unite! Republic FC is Sacramento’s USL soccer team and since its inauguration in 2014, the team has drawn passionate fans from all over the city. They won the USL Championship their inaugural year and are also the 2016 Western Conference Regular Season Champions. They also lead the league in nearly every attendance and revenue category and has been named “Sacramento’s Best Team” since the beginning.
Fun Facts That Make Sacramento Unique

Sacramento’s Rich History

Fun Fact: The nation’s first transcontinental railroad broke ground in Sacramento in the 1860s, officially establishing it as the terminus of the first railroad to run coast to coast. Learn more about the city’s rich history. 

Sacramento has a rich and vibrant history that dates back to 1839. The city grew in popularity around the time of California’s gold rush and because of its convenient location to the rest of the state, it became a hub for transportation, agriculture, and community. You can still experience a bit of Sacramento’s history at these educational spots:

  • The California State Railroad Museum: Sacramento is home to 28 museums, so you can definitely find one that fits your taste.  If you enjoy learning about the transcontinental railroad, check out The California State Railroad Museum,  which has 225,000 square feet of exhibit space you can walk through.
  • The California State Capitol: The California State Capital is a living museum that allows visitors to wander the hallways where state leaders worked over 150 years ago. Visitors to the Capitol can experience California’s rich history and witness the making of history through the modern lawmaking process.
  • The Old Sacramento Waterfront: The Old Sacramento Waterfront is home to both new and historic attractions, including places to shop, stay, eat, drink, and learn. Catch a waterfront yoga class or enjoy a nice glass of wine at the iconic harbor. 

There are lots of things about Sacramento that make it so unique. From the rich history to the modern culinary experiences, book your trip to experience California’s iconic capitol.