Music may be our differentiator, but philanthropy is our soul. Since 1971, Hard Rock has believed it's our duty to help protect the planet and give back to our communities. We have a deep compassion for others and a dedication to making the world a better place to be. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain is committed to having a significant and positive impact on our surrounding communities in which we operate.

Hard Rock Heals

Since our doors first opened on June 14, 1971, the Hard Rock International mission has been to do well by doing good in the communities we serve. The wide range of philanthropic causes we have supported around the globe tie directly to the Hard Rock International Mottos: Love All - Serve All, Take Time To Be Kind, Save The Planet, and All Is One. We have donated millions to causes including Autism awareness, cancer prevention, human trafficking, hunger, drought, and disaster relief. 

Hard Rock Heals Foundation provides grants and assistance to individuals whose goal is to heal through the power of music. Partnerships with like-minded, music-centric organizations allows Hard Rock Heals Foundation the opportunity to improve the lives and promote wellness.

In 2016, Hard Rock International created the Hard Rock Heals Foundation, an internal brand segment committed to championing the message that music is power. Focused on funding music-centric health and wellness programs worldwide, Hard Rock Heals Foundation seeks to partner with organizations immersed in music philanthropy.

Music is energy; it inspires, connects, and restores. Through both internal campaigns and consumer facing programs, we invite the world to join our effort to improve lives and heal through the power of music. We know that positive change is possible. Through our unique platform of worldwide cafes, hotels, casinos, our passionate guests, a world-class roster of artists ambassadors, and the incredible team of Hard Rockers, we will make the world a better place for us all. Learn more on the history of Hard Rock.


It is the policy of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain to accept donation requests to help provide funding to local non-profit organizations and/or groups. It is our goal to partner with community organizations to help meet their mission and improve quality of life in our community. Often, we partner to help local organizations to be more successful with fundraisers. Some of the types of requests that we support are health and human services, arts and culture, civic and community development.

All donation requests will be considered by the following guidelines:

  • 503c(3) designated organizations should complete a donation request form and submit it to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain with additional partnership/levels of participation and recognition for each attached.
  • For all purposes of this Charitable Giving policy, please see the following terms/meanings:
    o   Charitable Giving – reflects any distribution provided by the company to a non-profit organization and can include sponsorship, in-kind items or services, hosting events at our property, monetary gifts and professional time or expertise
    o   Sponsorship – Any distribution of company resources which supports a non-profit fundraiser or event.
    o   In-Kind Gift – Any distribution of merchandise or services provided by the company and awarded to support a non-profit
  •  Requests should be made no later than 45 days prior to the start of the quarter in which the donation is needed. Also, when considering commitment dates, organizations/groups should keep in mind their deadline dates for print, advertising, etc. rather than the event date. If requests are not received within the time frame scheduled below, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain reserves the right to not consider the request.
 For Funding Needed:  Application Deadline:
 January – March November 15 (previous year)
 April – June February 15 (current year)
July – September  May 15 (current year)
 October – December August 15 (current year)

Some donations are excluded by our policy: 

• It is not the policy of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain to fund construction projects

• It is not the policy of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain to sponsor fundraisers for individuals (i.e. fundraisers to cover individual's medical expenses, benefits, sports, etc.)

• It is not the policy of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain to market gaming to minors. Therefore, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain will not sponsor school events, youth athletic teams, or youth athletic events

• It is not the policy of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain to support programs that discriminate for any reason, including but not limited to: race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or gender preference

• The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain will grant no more than one contribution to an organization and/or group within a 12-month period

• Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain charitable giving forms will be maid available on the company website

• Request forms include information to help the charitable donation committee make decisions based in policy; it states that the organization must be a 501c(3), state what they are requesting and how it helps meet the organization's mission. The same form is used to request volunteers, in kind merchandise and services and cash donations

• Requests are considered prior to the following quarter. This practice allows the donations committee to review all the requests for a three-month period to better determine which best fit our policy and budget for the upcoming quarter

• Some "donation requests" are sent to Marketing, when the request is for a community event, includes advertising and could be considered a "sponsorship"

• Committee meets as often as weekly to consider in kind requests. In kind requests are cost transferred (at retail) to the Donations line and they do count towards the quarterly budget

• Finally, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain can fund requests that comply with policy and are within budget. Historically, the threshold of request at $2,500 or above requires unanimous approval from the donation committee. All recommended cash donations will be reviewed by the President for approval

• Requests specific to the Enterprise Rancheria Tribe should be directed to them at


Sacramento - Charitable Donation Request Form

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At The Requested Level, What Recognition Will The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento At Fire Mountain Receive? (Check All That Apply)

If you experience submission issues, please email us at [email protected].


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain is dedicated to giving back to the community we call home. We have partnered with various organizations in helping to make a difference in the lives around us through charitable work, donations, partnerships, sponsorships, and volunteerism.

Events We Have Participated In:

  • $25,000 Donation to American Red Cross
  • $50,000 Donation to American Cancer Society 
  • 2019 Marysville Peach Festival
  • 2019 Autumn Moon Festival in San Francisco
  • 5th Annual River Cats Golf Invitational
  • Lincoln Showcase
  • Rural Counties Representatives of CA
  • 2019 Sod Busters
  • Yuba Chamber Business Expo
  • 2019 Yuba City Summer Stroll


  • Sacramento River Cats
  • Sacramento Republic FC
  • Beale Air Force Base
  • Toyota Amphitheatre