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February 11, 2020

You Forgot it was Valentine’s Day. Now What?

You’ve seen the aisles at the grocery stores lined with teddy bears and boxed chocolates, overflowing with red and pink candies and balloons, yet you’ve forgotten the most romantic day of the year. Check out these unique activities, romantic dinner spots, and last-minute do-it-yourself gifts to still make the day special for your significant other. 

Unique Activities

Surprise your significant other with a fun-filled day of activities. Just because you forgot about Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that your last minute Valentine’s Day plans can’t be meaningful!

Plan an Outdoor Picnic

There’s tons of trails and parks throughout the city of Sacramento. If it’s a nice day, grab some candles and blankets, brie cheese and crackers, and a bottle of something nice. Enjoy the fresh air and intimacy as you shy away from the typical crowded restaurant scene. Take a walk, or if you’re feeling up to it, get adventurous and take a hike. When you’re tired of walking or you’ve found the perfect spot, set up your picnic and get ready for a relaxing, romantic Valentine’s Day together in nature.

Book a Staycation

Lots of people choose to go on a vacation for Valentine’s Day in Sacramento, which can get pricey and complicated when you consider all the travel expenses. Turn your weekend into a staycation at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento! Use the money that would have been used towards airline tickets or gas for a road trip to upgrade to a nicer room in a local hotel. During the weekend you can order room service, relax in bed, or have a spa day! Afterwards, pretend you’re visiting and do all the fun tourist-like things in town.

Plan a Spontaneous Outing

Nothing screams romance like batting cages and laser tag. Or what about mini-golf or bumper cars? These activities will bring laughter and a little bit of competitiveness into your day. If competitive activities aren’t your dream way to spend Valentine’s Day, set up a movie marathon with yummy snacks and sweets or look for any live music and get ready to dance the night away!

You Forgot it was Valentine’s Day. Now What?

Wine, Dine, & Celebrate

Perhaps you’re feeling the classic route and would like to take your partner out for a nice romantic dinner. Pick a spot that will make your Valentine’s Day in Sacramento memorable and fun.

Council Oaks at the Hard Rock Hotel Sacramento

Council Oaks Steaks & Seafood is known for their steaks, which are aged to perfection. Take a sneak peak into the Butcher Shop through a glass wall and check out our expertly maintained, climate-controlled environment where our 100% USDA primal cuts are aged between 21-28 days for extra flavor. Make your reservation for Valentine’s Day dinner today and enjoy a special prix fixe menu, complete with a starter, a salad, an entree, and topped off with a decadent dessert paired with Velluto wine. After your meal join us for the “great American romantic” Edwin McCain’s first-ever unplugged, velvet sessions located right inside of the Hard Rock Hotel Sacramento. Purchase your tickets for an intimate performance to bring your Valentine’s Day in Sacramento to a close.

Sacramento River Train

A Valentine’s Day in Sacramento exclusive, the Sacramento River Train offers cozy, romantic meals all weekend long. Hop on one of their three Adult-only trains, or ride them all! With an excursion on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you’ll easily be able to fit this experience in with any other Valentine’s Day activities you plan. With three different train options, each ride will give you a new chance to unplug, reconnect, and enjoy some yummy chocolates!

Rio City Cafe

Located in Old Sacramento, the Rio City Cafe building was designed to replicate a historic steamship warehouse from the late 1800s. Situated next to the Sacramento River, take a seat along the water in their spacious outdoor patio and enjoy the open air and the stylishly rustic atmosphere. Open for lunch, and dinner everyday and for brunch on the weekends, avoid the inevitable Valentine’s Day evening crowds by celebrating the holiday in Sacramento at this iconic restaurant any other day or time of the week. 

You Forgot it was Valentine’s Day. Now What?

Last-Minute Romantic DIY Presents

An easy way to give a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day is to put in effort. Your partner will value a well-thought out, meaningful gift. Don’t let the acronym DIY (do-it-yourself) scare you, these presents are easy to put together and are reasonably priced as well. 

Flowers and a Handwritten Love Letter

You can’t go wrong with flowers, they are a Valentine’s Day classic. Roses are a fan favorite, but if the flower shop and local grocery stores are out of red roses, opt for pink or white instead. They still fit in the color scheme of Valentine’s Day and you might even save a little bit of money! Instead of picking out a card, give your loved one a handwritten love letter. Experiment with the popular, “Open When . . .” love letter format by decorating the envelope and adding a picture or two.

Customizable Mason Jars

These super simple customizable mason jars are the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other. Grab a few mason jars, festive string or ribbon, and stickers! Using a hot glue gun, secure any string or ribbon around the jar itself or the lid, and add some stickers. If you don’t have a hot glue gun, simply tying the decorations will work just as well and allow you to tie a bow! Fill the jar with favorite candies, love notes, date ideas, etc., the more creative, the better!

Personalized Valentine’s Day Box

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner how much you care about them. This gift isn’t simple, but it is certainly romantic. Create a personalized Valentine’s Day box by picking up a box, some construction paper, and enough of your partner’s favorite items to fill up the box. Get inspired by brainstorming their favorite places, foods, and things to do, or create a dream box, containing special items and memories. 

Still looking for more unique gift ideas to make up for forgetting Valentine’s Day? Check out this gift guide for him, these unique gifts for her, and these Valentine’s Day inspired desserts! Hard Rock Sacramento is here to make your 2020 Valentine’s Day stand out!