December 4, 2020

Enhancing the Gambling Experience with Casino Technologies

Here at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento, we are always looking to enhance our guests’ experiences throughout the property and on the casino floor. Enjoy state of the art technology that will change casinos forever, setting us apart from the rest. In addition to enhancing the gaming experience, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento has worked diligently to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our guests and employees during this time and moving forward through our newest safety precautions procedures. Learn more about our Safe + Sound Program and understand what changes to expect on the casino floor.

How Have Casinos Evolved?

No matter what kind of technology you’re using, whether that’s your cell phone, your computer, or even your favorite slot machine, there’s no doubt that technologies have dramatically changed overtime. The evolution from flip phone to touchscreen might look like the most evolutionary shift, but there’s a much bigger change that is taking up the spotlight and that’s the gambling industry.

In the beginning, cards were the gambling game of choice, specifically poker. But with the ever advancing internet capabilities, casinos have no choice but to keep up with the trend and give the gamers what they never thought they needed. With the technology of today, players can find and select their new favorite game online before advancing to the casino floor. In addition to getting gamblers excited to play the game before ever even stepping on the floor, casinos can now offer new and exciting games based on the technology that continues to evolve. With everything from new and improved animations and graphics to popular themes and characters, casino technology offers visitors a unique experience every time they visit.

So what makes Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain unique? On top of the many amenities and services this Hard Rock location has to offer, the casino floor continues to evolve based on what the customer needs! In addition to our Safe + Sound Program in light of the current health crisis, Hard Rock Sacramento continues to keep things interesting on the gaming floor through the offerings listed below.

Enhancing the Gambling Experience with Casino Technologies

Self-Pay Jackpot™ Program

One piece of slot machine technology that we have here at Hard Rock at Fire Mountain is our Self-Pay Jackpot™ Program. This newly enhanced way to play slots makes it simple, fast, and convenient to transfer your slot jackpot to different slot machines while ensuring your funds are safe and secure. 

Simply choose your favorite slot machine, insert your Wild Card, and input your PIN. The digital screen on the slot machine will give you specific instructions for downloading your jackpot, which will appear as a credit in the credit meter. Any remaining winnings can be printed on a ticket right at the slot machine, which you may then cash out at the Casino Cashier or use in another slot machine in an effort to win even more! 

Your funds will be safe and secure, even if you lose your Wild Card. This slot machine technology adopts the same method that is used with your debit card: your jackpot cannot be accessed without your PIN. Your PIN should be kept confidential and should not be shared with anyone in order to ensure security.

You can apply to participate in the Self-Pay Jackpot™ Program for free at the Casino Credit Office, Casino Cashier, or with a slot customer service representative on the casino floor. You will need to provide a Wild Card and two (2) forms of government-issued ID (at least one with a photo), along with a completed and signed application, stating you agree to the terms and conditions.

This casinotech puts Hard Rock at Fire Mountain above the rest. The Self-Pay Jackpot™ Program gives you the power to transfer your slot jackpot directly to your favorite slot machine, eliminating the time you usually wait to receive your jackpot. This simple to use program is a fast and convenient way to put the power of playing slots back into your own hands.

Enhancing the Gambling Experience with Casino Technologies

Other Technology Perks

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino at Fire Mountain is committed to providing our guests with the best experience possible. One way we are fulfilling that promise is by constantly upgrading our casinotech and enhancing our slot machine technology.

Phone Charging

Another casino technology trend that Hard Rock at Fire Mountain has noticed is the millennial generation’s need to stay connected: through WiFi and smartphone devices. What better way to celebrate your big win than by sharing it on social media or with your best friends? When you book a room with us at the Hard Rock Sacramento it comes with free, dependable WiFi. Even better, throughout the casino floor, we’ve updated our casino technology to provide charging ports on our slots! Keep your phone energized with USB charging ports located at every game. 

Hard Rock Casino Sacramento App

Get the most out of your visit at Hard Rock Sacramento by downloading our app! Available for both Apple users and Android users, by downloading this app you’ll hold all your offers and rewards in the palm of your hand. Get first dibs on complimentary rooms, access to show tickets first, and exclusive, special event invitations! We know you’re sure to explore the Hard Rock at Fire Mountain during your stay, so download the app to quickly view dining options, Memorabilia on display, and contact hotel staff with a simple touch of your screen. 

Wild Card Perks

Casinotech has enhanced user experience by making it simpler for guests to play their favorite slots. With the Wild Card you have the ability to earn Comp Dollars while playing both slots and table games. With four different tiers, the on-property perks you can earn are endless! Upgrade your experience by using your rewards towards entertainment, dining, shopping, hotel stays, and more. Here at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino at Fire Mountain, we believe in rewarding our guests for having fun, so we’ve made it quick and easy to become a Wild Card Member!

Hard Rock Sacramento is above the rest when it comes to casino technologies. Our casino floor holds a wide variety of slot machines with the newest casinotech to bring you an original, memorable experience. Come visit us, and see if you’ve got what it takes to win the jackpot! Book your room, head to our Casino Credit Office to sign up for the Self-Pay Jackpot™ Program, and become a Wild Card Member so you can start earning rewards today. You’ve worked hard, give yourself a little time to play hard too.