June 8, 2021

How to Help Support Your Local Businesses

With the summer of 2021 on the horizon, how are you spending your days and continuing to push happiness? We’ve all had our share of bad news in the past year and it’s time to start shedding some light on the good!

No matter what county you live in or choose to visit, as consumers we have an opportunity to help our favorite businesses grow and succeed in the hard and the good times. With temporary restrictions lifting throughout California, local businesses are looking to us now more than ever! Let’s kick off summer 2021 by thinking big, shopping small, and providing community support whenever we can.

Whether you’re visiting Sacramento for a quick getaway, or you’re a resident of the area, there are many ways to help support local businesses and your favorite hidden gems that bring growth and innovation to the community. Learn more about how you can help! Join the community and do something that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

5 Ways to Support Small Businesses

Helping your community during this time can be as simple as shopping at your favorite local businesses or branching out and finding your new favorite shop. However, there are many small and unique ways you can continue to show support and help the local economy thrive.

1. Social Media Support

These days, it seems, many consumers are going to social media for shopping, business updates, news, and everything in between. As you’re looking for ways to support small businesses, spreading the word to your social following is a great way to create buzz and conversations for the businesses that make up Sacramento. Social media shoutout shows potential customers that the shop is worth a stop!

2. Gift Card Purchases

Maybe you’re not on the market for something specific at this time, but you know that you’ll want to purchase something in the future. Many local businesses offer gift cards or credit for the future. Whether it’s your local diner, favorite clothing store, or a spa you’ve been meaning to try, purchasing a gift card allows you to support while also setting yourself up for a great shopping experience at a later time.

How to Help Support Your Local Businesses

3. Online Shopping Opportunities

Just like many of us sitting from our home office reading this article, many local businesses have learned to adjust and embrace the changes that this past year has thrown at us. Give your favorite local businesses a quick Google search to understand which industries now offer virtual services. It could be your favorite local yoga instructor or your child’s piano teacher, but no matter what service they’re providing, they’re going out of their way to make sure the online experience is just as great. Let’s learn something new today and find our new favorite online class or service to enjoy!

4. Write Reviews

Whether you’re visiting a local business forum online or are looking to leave a direct review, continuing to deliver positive word of mouth to other customers is one way you can do your part for the community. Maybe your delivery service was top notch, or you just found a new home decor product that you just have to share. Relaying your positive shopping experience to other customers is a great way to spread the word about your amazing local businesses that continue to deliver exceptional service.

5. Don’t Forget to Tip and/or Donate

When it comes to giving back to the community during this time, it’s one thing to think about the business but it’s another to think about the workers that make up the business. Ordering take out, delivery, or dining in when things are up and running once again, don’t forget to show your server some support for their services!

Additionally, maybe you’re signed up for a service from a local business but they are forced to cancel their sessions due to restrictions. Consider donating that refund back to the business. Helping these businesses thrive now is a great way to assure that you’ll see your favorite business continue to thrive in the future.

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