If betting craps is something you love to do, then the California Craps table is the place for you!

This game brings the excitement of traditional Vegas-style craps, with our own California twist, here at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. With multiple betting options on the table, you're sure to hit your groove as you roll the dice. Step up to the table and see which cards make you a winner.


  1. 6 cards are used, numbered 1-6. These are randomly placed in 6 positions on the table, face up.
  2. Once it is determined that all bets have been placed, a shooter will be given 2 dice to throw.
  3. A player's dice roll will determine which corresponding cards on the table will be pushed up to show the winning total. These cards will determine the outcome of the roll with winning bets being paid out accordingly.
  4. The cards will be rearranged for each new shooter.