April 1, 2022

ROCKTANE Gas Station at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Resort Sacramento at Fire Mountain Taking Time to Be Kind with Discounted Gas

Gas prices are already averaging $.60-.70 below state average 

(Before additional loyalty cardholder discounts)


                        Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort Sacramento at Fire Mountain is proud to announce that ROCKTANE Gas + Smoke gas station will begin to offer double discounts to loyalty club members starting on Tuesday, April 26. Inflation is most apparent in the dramatic increase in gas prices over the past year. Hard Rock Sacramento added the ROCKTANE gas station last year as a part of their commitment to support the community, providing discounted gas year-round to anyone. Rocktane Gas prices are already roughly $.60-70 below the state’s average price per gallon.  As part of the promotion that will run through the end of May, Wild Card loyalty club card holders will get an additional “double discount” between $0.10 to $0.40 off per gallon!  Hard Rock Sacramento Team Members get $0.40 off per gallon as well.

                        The need for an additional gas station in this part of Yuba County has been glaring since the Oroville Dam evacuation in February 2017. Residents in nearby Yuba City and Plumas Lake are thrilled to now have a gas station near them. Hard Rock Sacramento and the Enterprise Rancheria Tribe also invested in generators so that the gas station will continue to operate seamlessly during power outages (like PSPS) and emergencies.