World Championship Sumo | Hard Rock Atlantic City

World Championship Sumo

Tickets from $25
  • Saturday, June 15 | 8:00PM
    Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena

Experience the Power and Tradition of World Championship Sumo in Atlantic City on June 15!

Prepare for an extraordinary display of strength and skill as the world's top sumo wrestlers gather in Atlantic City for the World Championship Sumo event on June 15. Witness the thunderous clash of titans as these mighty athletes compete for glory and honor at Hard Rock Live.

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition and excitement of sumo wrestling, as competitors from around the globe showcase their prowess in the sacred ring. From lightning-fast maneuvers to awe-inspiring displays of brute force, every moment promises to captivate and amaze.

Secure your tickets now and be part of history in the making. Don't miss this rare opportunity to witness the ancient art of sumo come to life in Atlantic City. Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the World Championship Sumo event!