The Flavor Tour | Food | Hard Rock Hotel Atlantic City

The Flavor Tour

Enjoy food from seven different quick-service locations in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The Flavor Tour offers everything from sandwiches and salads to gourmet burgers, premium gelato, and everything in between.



Mediterranean Kitchen

Mediterranean Kitchen

Coming Soon

Step into a world of vibrant aromas and tantalizing tastes as we transport you to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean. Our menu combines traditional recipes with a modern twist, ensuring each dish is bursting with authentic flavors.
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The Green Bar

Monday - Thursday: 8AM - 3PM
Friday & Saturday: 8AM - 9PM
Sunday: 8AM - 7PM
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Burgers and Hops

Monday - Thursday: 7AM - 3AM
Friday - Sunday: 7AM - 4AM

Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion

Monday - Thursday: 11:30AM - 8PM
Friday - Saturday: 11AM - Midnight
Sunday: 11AM - 9PM
Alexias Patisserie

Alexias Patisserie

Daily | 24 Hours
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Monday - Thursday: 11AM - 10PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM - 2AM
Sunday: 11AM -10PM
Hit The Road

Hit The Road

Monday - Thursday: 8AM - 2PM
Friday & Saturday: 8AM - 10PM
Sunday: 8AM - 7PM

Quick Bites