February 12, 2021

Live Music Safe + Sound with Good Treble

Music is obviously at the core of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City’s brand. So it wasn’t a great surprise when the Hard Rock was the first casino in Atlantic City to return live music when COVID restrictions eased over the summer … Safe + Sound, of course.

One of the acts – Good Treble  – has taken the Hard Rock by storm, offering a fun, intimate experience  that has become a favorite musical experience for guests.

We talked to Good Treble to find out what makes them so special … and why they love playing at the Hard Rock’s Lobby Bar, where they will perform every Sunday from 6 to 9:30 p.m. in February and March.

Q: When you play at the Hard Rock, how does that experience differ from other places you play? The Lobby Bar seems to have this constant energy that is contagious, does the band feel that?

Good Treble: The experience differs because music at the Hard Rock is the feature of the room and not just background music for the bar. And yes! We definitely feel the energy from the guests. Whether they are singing along with us or literally dancing to the music, we can feel their energy when they are enjoying the music that we play and sing.

Q: What makes your band stand out and why do you think you resonate with Hard Rock customers?

GT: Our duo is unique. We stand out because our sound isn’t like any other band. As a piano and singer duo, we sing everything from country to pop to R&B to early jazz. It resonates because there is something for everyone. You never know who is in the crowd so we want to make sure that we give a little something to everyone who has taken the time to stop by and join us.    

Q:Do your sets evolve hour by hour to build up to a crescendo, or do you try to do that in each and every set?

GT: It all depends. We typically like to do that in each set, but the crowd changes at any given time. Guests are moving at will at all times. So, we aim to be attentive to who is in the room and make sure we are giving them good music that will keep them engaged and responsive.    

Q: What kind of music do you excel at? Particular songs that stand out?

GT: Good Treble is unique because we can do it all. One of our fan favorites that we never seem to get away from is “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” and “Forever Young” … and it never fails! The audience is always super excited when we sing those. And anything Whitney Houston is always a hit, too.

Q: What’s hot right now? What gets the crowd going these days?

GT: The crowd loves a good song with a good groove. One of the songs that gets the crowd going is “Boogie Oogie Oogie.” We call it the “proceed with caution” song because someone always wants to get up and dance. And because we are still socially distant, we have to remind the crowd that yes, they can indeed Boogie Oogie Oogie, but they have to stay in their seats to do it. LOL

Q: During COVID times, bands have had a difficult time. How do you keep things safe for you, your band members and the audience?

GT: We keep safe by personally taking care of ourselves. We wear our masks when we are not performing, and we keep ourselves socially distant even when we are performing. We are cognizant of our surroundings, and safety is our main priority. We purposefully keep our social circles small outside of work to help ensure the safety of both us and our audience.

For more information on all of Hard Rock’s musical schedule, go to HardRockHotelAtlanticCity.com.