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January 4, 2022

Hard Rock Chocolate Display 2021

If you were impressed last year by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City’s Holiday Chocolate Showpiece, prepare to be blown away by this year’s masterpiece.

Last year, “A Rock Solid Christmas” showcased Executive Pastry Chef Thaddeus R. Dubois’ take on the Hard Rock’s symbolic guitar. This year, the talented, creative chef wanted to be a bit more traditional, while not losing the resort’s overall rock ’n’ roll theme.

And it should be no surprise, this year’s chocolate sculpture does not disappoint.

“As much as people loved last year’s piece, a lot of people are saying this one reminds them more of the holidays,” says DuBois, who chose to create a more traditional chocolate scene for this year’s display. “While there are music elements to it, the Christmas theme is more out front as opposed to it being a backdrop like it was last year.”

The entirely edible art display can be seen in the hotel lobby – right near the tall escalators – through the first week of January, and nearly everyone who sees the giant display stops in their tracks to pose for a selfie or brag on Instagram that they witnessed this piece of chocolate art in person.

The Holiday Chocolate Showpiece is comprised of 2,500 pounds of white and dark chocolate – 500 pounds more than last year – and stands at 11 feet tall, 8 feet long and 5 feet wide. The former White House Pastry Chef and his team devoted hundreds of hours since September to the entirely edible artwork that thousands and thousands of people are enjoying this holiday season.

The centerpieces of this year’s piece are three giant, colorful, hand-painted Christmas trees adorned with trumpets and other designs – the biggest is more than 8 feet tall – surrounded by a Christmas scene that features two Nutcrackers standing at more than 3-feet tall, a brick platform that supports a chocolate garden full of mushrooms, Christmas presents, a chocolate bench, a stunning retro street lamp with faux flame, and even a white chocolate disc in the shape of a Hard Rock vinyl record.

 “I think the whole piece gives you a warm, toasty feeling,” DuBois says. “You can look at it from all sides and get a different view and find something you haven’t seen from a different angle. I think this is like a scene that you would see in someone’s front yard  … except it’s entirely made of chocolate. And if you’re wondering what all the shiny stuff is under the lights, that’s edible glitter!”

Although the guitar was the main attraction last year, DuBois made sure seven little gold guitars – each 3 inches big – were included in this display, and he challenges visitors to find all seven.

If you love this year’s Holiday Chocolate Showpiece, DuBois says wait until next year!

“The idea for next year’s piece came to my head when I was installing this year’s,” DuBois says. “And I am really excited about it. I can’t wait to get working on that one!”

Neither can we!