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Michael Lives Forever

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Famed Michael Jackson impersonator Rodrigo Teaser brings his one-of-a-kind Michael Jackson tribute show, Michael Lives Forever back again. This string of US tour dates follows the success Michael Lives Forever has had as it has toured around the world in places like South America, Europe and Mexico being seen by over 500,000 fans to date. Rodrigo Teaser takes being a Michael Jackson impersonator very seriously, not only singing his songs and doing his dance moves but being sure that each costume worn during a performance is meticulously replicated to be exactly what Michael had worn originally. However, Rodrigo doesn’t just stop at dance moves, costumes and songs, he has gone above and beyond bringing on original members of Michael’s creative team to give fans a truly unique and first of its kind chance to experience that could only be replicated by the King of Pop himself. Specifically on these three tour dates Rodrigo will be bringing Michael’s longtime choreographer Lavelle Smith, Michael’s backup singer Kevin Dorsey, followed by guitarist Jennifer Batten who fans will recognize from years of playing with Michael at events like the Superbowl and more!