Mental Health Advocate Kelsea Ballerini
March 22, 2023

Singer-Songwriter and Mental Health Advocate Kelsea Ballerini, With Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City President George Goldhoff, Present a $5,000 Contribution to The Trevor Project

Atlantic City, NJ (March 20, 2023) – Appearing before a sold-out crowd at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, superstar singer-songwriter Kelsea Ballerini proudly accepted and presented a $5,000 contribution to The Trevor Project before the show, as part of her ongoing advocacy and commitment to supporting mental health.  
Hard Rock Atlantic City President George Goldhoff shared the spotlight with Ballerini to showcase the $5,000 check and underscore the importance of mental health.  Ballerini and Goldhoff came together at Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena, Atlantic City’s leading entertainment venue, where Ballerini performed for thousands of her loyal fans.
Ballerini’s fundraising and support for mental health includes direct outreach to her millions of fans.  In a video posted to Instagram, she calls on them to focus on their mental health.
“If you’re anything like me, growing up, mental health was just not something that was casually talked about, and that takes a lot of communication and community and work to undo that stigma and to normalize mental health and to give a name to feelings and experiences that you’ve had throughout your life,” says the singer, who captured public attention with her recent guest appearance on SNL.  “I’ve been privileged and lucky in my life, which I have really shared more over the last few years. I’ve been lucky and privileged to have access to the tools that I’ve needed to heal.  If you personally are going through something right now, I just want to tell you that you are perfect and you are not alone. Whatever it is, you will get through it and learn more about yourself from it, and I am just sending you love.”
Hard Rock Atlantic City President George Goldhoff says the popular singer-songwriter’s commitment to mental health is admirable and important to recognize and applaud.
“Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City is proud to underscore Kelsea Ballerini’s support for mental health with a contribution to The Trevor Project,” says Goldhoff.  
The Trevor Project is nonprofit organization committed to “Saving Young LGBTQ Lives” through five key programs: crisis services, peer support, research, education and public awareness, and advocacy.