My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis | Hard Rock Atlantic City

My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis

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  • Friday, September 20 | 8:00PM
    Sound Waves
  • Saturday, September 21 | 8:00PM
    Sound Waves

"My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis" made its original debut in December of 2015 at the Snapple Theater Center on 50th Street and Broadway in New York City, where it was extended seven times and ran for two years. In the show, character Anthony Pinnunziato is approaching his forties and is faced with the challenges of balancing his successful company with past and present gay relationships. The interactive comedy of errors is actually set at Hard Rock Atlantic City during a weight loss convention. Pinnunziato owns a company, "Body Body," and is there to compete with other fictional weight loss companies while trying to stay out of trouble.

The cast will join three-time Daytime Emmy winner, writer and star, Anthony J. Wilkinson. Fan favorite characters from the Off-Broadway Production, Anthony Pinnunziato (Wilkinson), Aunt Toniann (Debra Toscano), Lucia (Kim Pirrella), Connie (Meagan Robar), and Larry Fanazzi (Chad Kessler) will make their return. Other cast members include Taso Mikroulis (Andrew), Nicholas Barbati (Nathaniel), Shannon Rivard (Luscious Lucille), Helena Penza (Tracy Triceps), Diane Brown (Betty Biceps) and James McMackin (Frankie Crunches). The show will be directed and General Managed by Robert Levinstein (22Q Entertainment).